Thursday, October 1, 2009

Aaron Rumsey (1797-1864)

Aaron Rumsey following his ancestors' footsteps who were tanners generation after generation. However, Aaron took the business a step further when he settled in New York and began a manufacturing business.

Aaron was born in Hubbardton, Rutland, Vermont and at the age of 18 walked from Vermont to Warsaw, New York. He married Sophia Phelps and in 1824 they relocated to Westfield, New York. 10 years later the family moved to Buffalo, New York. Aaron and Sophia had two sons who were both prominent citizens of Buffalo. Bronson Case Rumsey was the first President of the New York, Buffalo & Philadelphia Railroad, as he and his brother Dexter Phelps Rumsey partnered with the Vanderbilt family.

Aaron was referred to as a 'staunt Presbyterian'.

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