Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jan Thomasse Van Dyke (1605-1673)

Jan was born in Amsterdam, Netherlands and was one of the Dutch founders of New Amsterdam, now New York City. He sailed to America on the De Bonte Kou with his wife, Tryntje Archias Haegen and their 6 children. After he arrived in New York in 1652, he settled into the newly formed New Amsterdam and owned 50 acres of the 1000 which the town was built upon.

He was a magistrate for Fort Orange and New Amsterdam in the years 1657, 1660, 1661 and 1673. Active in the affairs of the New Amsterdam Colony from the beginning, he received honors and appointments under its government. On August 18, 1673, was appointed by Governor Colve as one of the schepens or judges.

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